Date of Photo: 10/5/2016

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Lot#: 27

RC Pacific Mermaid

Date of Birth: 1/5/2010
Description: This is a special cow and producer. She is over 80"TTT at only six years of age. She has been a prolific producer as she already has 2 sons and a daughter that exceed 80"TTT at less than 4 years. Mermaid's embryo offspring are routinely bringing over $18,000 in longhorn sales. We have placed her into our embryo program at Buffalo Gap Longhorns. Mermaid has been IVF'd to Hubbells 20 Gauge and to CV Call of Duty. She will be pasture exposed to Tuff's Ruff N Rowdy, our bronze winning partnership bull. Embryos are offered for sale at this time.
Owner Name:Buffalo Gap Longhorns
Private Herd Number:012
Registration Number 1:CTI267520
For Sale:No
Pedigree ProgenyMeasurement History
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