About Us

Like so many in the longhorn industry,we began with the idea of having a few front pasture longhorns for our family owned ranch near Buffalo Gap, Texas.  Over a ninety day period, our research led us to the 2012 Horn Showcase as we were looking to see the measuring and learn more about the business.  Fate would have it that the first person we met at the Showcase was Todd McKnight, owner of Cedar View Ranch in Pittsburg, Kansas.  Coincidentally, Todd started in the Longhorn business in 2001 about 7 miles from our ranch in Buffalo Gap.  We had many common friends, and before we knew it, we had agreed to buy our starter herd from Todd.

Lauren's mother purchased the ranch in 1973.  Coming from a pioneer west Texas ranching family, she always saw the value of owning land.  Until her death in 2011, the ranch had always been grass leased to third parties including Fayette Yates, the son of legendary longhorn pioneer, Cap Yates. 

In January 2011 we elected to end our grass lease and to begin restoring the property.  Located in the heart of cedar country, the ranch had become overgrown with water sapping cedars and mesquite trees.  We cleared these trees from 200 acres in the summer of 2011 during the worst drought we have seen since the 1950s.  The change in the ranch's ability to grow grass has been amazing in the eight years since we made this decision.  The views once obstructed by a wall of cedar have been restored to beautiful vistas, and we have re-planted native grasses that can survive the hot dry climate. The carrying capacity of the ranch has been doubled.  Blessed with ample and timely rains in 2015 through this year, we have never seen the ranch in such good condition.  We are blessed with ample surface water and well water.

Our goal has always been to build a foundation herd capable of producing some of the best horned cows in the industry. We have done this by utilizing a few of the best cows in history and mating them to the very best bulls. We use both artificial insemination and flushing or IVF. Our focus is horn, color, and disposition.

 Lauren and I have found a serenity we never anticipated.  We can't wait for the opportunity to run down to the ranch to check on the cattle and to feed them (many of them by hand).  We have found individual personalities that make each animal unique and wonderful.  Being in the Longhorn business is one of the great blessings we have encountered.  Please take time to visit our Home Page for background on our herd and our long term breeding program.  We are really proud of the potential for our herd over the next couple of years.

Thanks for visiting our site, and feel free to contact us with any longhorn questions you have.

Buffalo Gap Longhorns, LLC
Lauren and John Clark