Stacking genetics of the best producing animals in the industry is the most proven way to improve your herd in the shortest time frame. Our Embryo Transfer (ET) program is designed with stacked genetics as the primary driver in our decision process. By utilizing the most elite bulls and combining them with some of the best producing cows in the industry, Buffalo Gap Longhorns is producing heifer calves with powerfully stacked pedigrees that promise the results we are looking for; horn and color.

Our first ET efforts were in partnership with Cedar View Ranch utilizing CV Cowboy Casanova and Cowboy Tuff Chex crossed to FL Rio Maxine. Those embryos produced CV Call of Duty, BG Cricket, and CV Tuff's Ruff N Rowdy. Both Call of Duty and Rowdy are projecting into the high 80s TTT. BG Cricket is projecting into the 90s TTT. These young stars are just 2.5 years old, and they are creating a world of excitement and value within the longhorn industry. We have two other one year old heifers from this same breeding in our herd. Check them out and call us if you are interested.

We have just implanted 12 embryos crossing CV Call of Duty and Hubbell's 20 Gauge with RC Pacific Mermaid. We utilized reverse sorted heifer sexed semen in creating these embryos, and new calves should be born in July 2017. Hubbell's 20 Gauge is a huge black and white 84" bull who is throwing beautiful colored up calves, and he is producing horn in his offspring.

RC Pacific Mermaid

RC Pacific Mermaid is arguably one of the best producing cows in the industry. She is only 7 years old, but she already has five offspring that are over 80" TTT, and three others over 70"TTT. Think about that, seight offspring over 70" and she is only 7 years old!  She is a Tejas Star daughter, and he is truly one of the best horn producing bulls ever. Mermaid is a consistent producer of big horned cattle.

We are taking advance deposits for heifer guaranteed, weaned calves out of these matings. Call now for pricing and to reserve your choice on a RC Pacific Mermaid heifer. We have consigned a 20 Gauge heifer to the 2017 Midwest Sale and a CV Call of Duty heifer to the McCombs Fiesta 2017 Sale.

BG Cricket

Late spring or early fall 2017, our next planned ET mating will be utilizing BG Cricket. Cricket is a three year old heifer out of CV Cowboy Casanova and FL Rio Maxine. She was 66" TTT at only 30.5 months of age, and she cleared 70" before turning three. She is double bred JR Grand Slam and Tari Graves, and her pedigree includes Cowboy Chex the sire of Cowboy Tuff Chex and CV Cowboy Casanova, and she has Maximus ST on her dam's side of the pedigree. We will IVF her to Archer Texa.  Archer was a Jamakism son out of the great Texana Van Horne.

Tuff's Red Rose

Our next ET donor is just a baby today. BG Tuff's Red Rose is out of Cowboy Tuff Chex x Max's Red Rose. Everybody knows Tuff Chex, the 100+" longest horned bull in history. Max's Red Rose is 88"TTT, and she has produced an over 90" daughter, Rex's Red Rose. Now throw in Cowboy Chex, Peacemaker 44, BL Poco Bueno, BL Rio Cachit, Maximius ST, and JR Grand Slam and you have a stacked pedigree before you even select the sire for her ET work. Tuff's Rose carries the stacked genetics we are focused upon and, she measures 44.5 TTT at only 15.5 months, and now projects to be over  68" at 24 months of age. This girl is going to be special as she is certain to approach 90" in the next few years.

We know where we are going over the next three years, and we invite you to join us as we produce great calves from great longhorns.

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