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Welcome and thanks for visiting buffalogaplonghorns.com. Buffalo Gap Longhorns is located on a family ranch property 2 miles southwest of Buffalo Gap, Texas some 12 miles south of Abilene.    Located on the northern edge of the Edwards Plateau, Buffalo Gap is named for the gap in the mountains once traversed by millions of American Bison in their annual migrations.  Comanche Indians used the natural funnel in their annual hunting expeditions for the buffalo.

We are focused on building a foundation herd using some of the best genetics in the industry through both AI and Embryo Transfer.  Our program is utilizing semen from  industry leaders: CV Cowboy Casanova, BL Cowboy Tuff Chex, RJF Sittin Dreamer, Jackhammer, and two herd sire prospects out of RC Pacific Mermaid and Hubbell's 20 Gauge. The breeding plan is focused on horn, color, and consistency.  As we build our foundation herd from these proven producers we will be retaining the heifers for further improvement in our long range plan. 

We are thrilled to have added RC Pacific Mermaid to our herd in March 2016. Mermaid is only the second cow in history to produce three 90" TTT offspring. She is a magnificent, proven producer, and she is the foundation of our cow herd.

We are also thrilled to have two heifers from the cross of CV Cowboy Casanova x FL Rio Maxine. This cross, which we accomplished with our partner, Cedar View Ranch, has produced several great bulls including CV Call of Duty.  And, our first heifer, BG Cricket is now over 80". Her full sister, BG Cinnamon Twist, will be near 80"TTT on her fourth birthday in September. Additionally, we have now flushed a daughter of Hubbell's 20 Gauge and RC Pacific Mermaid to the wonderful outcross bull, Vindicator, using heifer sexed semen.

We also own a young cow, Tuff's Red Rose, who is sired by world record Cowboy Tuff Chex who most recently measured 102" TTT.  Her dam is Max's Red Rose measuring 90" TTT.  Max's Red Rose has already produced a 100" TTT daughter, Rex's Red Rose, who is the youngest cow to reach 90". Tuff's Red Rose is now being prepped to be flushed in early fall.

As you can see, we have established the building blocks for tremendous horned cattle in our herd. Every new generation builds on our foundation herd with ever rising quality.

Please browse our pages and our herd often and watch us grow.  We would love to meet you personally, and show off our herd if you are in our area.  Feel free to contact us with questions or if you have an interest in purchasing any animals you see.

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